Architectural visualization and Model Making

Min Tasarim is a Turkey based Model Making Company and a 3D architectural visualization studio. For your project our team can provide; architectural visualization, animation, large scale architectural model, detailed small scale architectural model and more.

In order to present your project the most efficent way, you can use our service according to your needs

Design Development Support

With our architectural team we can provide alternative designs solutions for your project. We provide customer-oriented presentation solutions.

Most experienced company in Turkey

1986 yılından beri hizmet veren firmamız hem maket hem mimari görselleştirme hizmetini veren Türkiye'deki en deneyimli firmadır.

Export to 20+ Countries

Exporting to Germany, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Algeria and many other countries.

Since 1986

Our office started by four college student who make hand-drawn sheets and handmade models in a small office in Istanbul. Today with model workshop, desgin studio and nearly twenty employees, we prepare architectural visualization with 3D modeling programs and arhitectural models with 3D printers and laser cutting machines with precise measurements.